Come to Chino and see Lulu Belle. Steve and Diane Maier will debut Lulu Belle at the Chino Air Show May 5th and 6th. Fresh off her transport from England and reassembled and flight checked, Lulu Belle will grace the skies once again,this time over California.

In May 1944, Lulu Belle would see her second encounter with Japanese aircraft and claim two more aerial victories:

So, I see some zeros heading towards me, by this time the flights had pretty well broken up and they were more or less flying individually. I could see an airplane that had spotted me and headed towards me, I headed towards him he kept coming and coming, when he got pretty big in my sights I figured he’s well within range now. I squeezed the trigger and I was shooting at him, he was shooting at me. I couldn’t see the bullets but I could hear tracers going by, you could hear those things, when they get real close to the wing they go “ping” “ping” “ping”. That’s when I realized those were bullets going by and that’s a super sonic shock wave hitting the wing making that noise. All of a sudden the canopy just got so big in my gunsight that I knew he was real close and he went right over the top of my airplane and when he did he was close enough I could both hear and feel this whomp as he went by.” Lulu Belle Pilot LT P.R. Adair

New co-owner and pilot Diane and son enjoy Lulu Belle after she finished being re-assembled.

Every kid’s dream.

May 2018 will see Lulu Belle and her debut performance at the Chino Air Show in California. Come on out and see the new owners and make Lulu Belle a crowd favorite.

#44 Lulu Belle